02 May 2007

The Grapes of Wrath and Haaretz Editorial

This is a roundabout way of making a bad pun: Winograd means grapes is several Slavic languages.

And wrath would be a fitting way to describe the last Haaretz' editorial. Its headline is setting the tone of the whole piece, making it clear that nothing less than immediate resignation of Olmert/Peretz pair will satisfy Haaretz, which is not a very original idea today. But back to the editorial:

The Winograd Report contains not even one lenient word to which the prime minister could cling in order to extend his term.
Personal responsibility for failure - which, as the report states, was evident in every aspect of their duties, including planning, assessment, implementation, lack of forethought, responding rashly, setting unrealistic goals and not adopting actions to reality - has never been assigned by any other committee.
The Winograd Committee stated that the very act of going to war was irresponsible, because it was not based on a detailed plan, because the Lebanese arena was not studied, because it was never possible to attain the goals set, because the massive rain of rockets on the home front was not taken into consideration, because the cabinet went into battle without an exit plan, and because the ministers who voted for this move did not know or understand its significance and where it would lead.

Now what? After we all have satisfied our most unbearable urge - what happens then? Another loser - but this time a proven one?

There is no answer from any of the uncounted pundits that inundate the media by their trumpeting. That is, save one (right, Caroline?), but even Bibi himself does not seem to be too eager right now.
Instead of rejoicing at the downfall of his rival, Netanyahu is faced again with a wave of hostility. An anti-Bibi front has been set up in the Knesset. Its members are prepared to do almost anything, even give Olmert some breathing space, rather than take the slightest risk of seeing Netanyahu back in power. He realizes that if he is ever to return to the Prime Minister's Office, he will have to overcome this animosity.
So, after the initial wave of histrionics recedes, could we have an answer to a simple question: what is it exactly you all want, ladies and gentlemen, besides quick and immediate bloodletting?