23 May 2007

The travails of an anti-Zionist

DSTPFW have discovered and published the first glimpses of a sinister Zionist plot going on right under the collective nose of the British MI5, police and the Special Branch and wrecking the lives of some valiant British anti-Zionists who risk their... (here I got stuck, since I really don't rightly know what is it they have in order to risk it).

Of course, being not enlightened in the ways of the Elders, the folks of DSTPFW laughed the story off, what with the picture of Kitler and stuff. However, one should not miss the opportunity to publish a new chapter about the Elders' activities, once it became a matter of public knowledge.

In this lively exchange of notes the incomparable, albeit small, Deborah Fink tells her personal impression about the devious ways Mossad (yeah, she doesn't know better, the poor thing) uses to tap into her phone line.

Btw, I spoke to MI5 today and they think my phone could be tapped and that I should contact the police, which I did.
As if by the way, Deborah casually mentions the egregious ENGAGE, whose members, according to her, monitor her activities on the Internet.
Yes, this elist is being monitored, at least by Engage, (who also monitor Jews Sans Frontieres & jfjfp mailouts...!)!
Ach, what can one say about this incongruous and thoroughly confused report on something that really takes place but in a much more sophisticated and undetectable way? One can only tell the truth, of course when one is allowed to. So here it goes.

You see, Deborah, the Elders do not need that outdated and unreliable machinery of tapping the phone lines or stealing your e-mails to gather information on their mortal enemies. Nowadays we do it via our patented brain implants that feed us enough information to sustain a huge listening (or, rather, filtering) department, and it is not an easy job, I can tell you. We really don't need 99.9 % of the data that streams through our bug incessantly, believe me, and the strain on our listeners who regularly break down under the overload of info about the price of knickers in M&S, ways to improve your sweet voice, your unrelenting drive for greatness and higher heels and more, much more - all this is superfluous, tedious and eventually maddening. If only you could somehow arrange your thought process in an orderly fashion, lots of people will be grateful.

Re your suspicions about ENGAGE: we really use them for gory tasks of physical elimination. Look at the characters involved and judge by yourself:

Really - would you let these people do anything but menial tasks? And don't get misled by the friendly smile of the one with the towel - he uses it (the towel, not the smile) to strangle his unsuspecting victims.

So, I hope this chapter is out now and behind us. However, I have to say that there is one element in Deborah's travails that puzzled even the most experienced field operatives in the Elders' HQ. I mean this blood-curdling story of Deborah's friend who is being gang-stalked. Deborah herself gives the man a clean bill of health:
I have witnessed some of the goings on and can say that my friend is not being paranoid - he is still as sane as he's always been.
So we are not going to doubt the facts described in the story, it is just that the facts are too amazing and strange even for us (the Elders, to remind you, who redefined strange).
Other lease holders in the property were complaining that the security staff of the El Al offices were going into their demised spaces after office hours and defecating and abusing their female worker's belongings such as cardigans, toiletries and seating as well as the women's WC.
We can easily explain the part about defecating. It is a known El-Al problem, nary a flight ends without a restroom or two getting clogged. Them Zionists eat too much, I say... So it is, most probably, the same with El Al office restroom.

But how does one abuse a cardigan? Or a "seating", whatever it means? We are afraid to get too close to this bottomless pit of depravity, is all I can say on such short notice.

The rest of the story is really tame, compared to the above. Looking closely at the victim in a hostile and intimidating manner, following one in the car, drivers openly speaking into walkie-talkies, individuals with heavy duty black earpieces, Thai looking individuals and Central to Southern Africans, all of them having a striking resemblance to the El Al security staff - all these are really the basics, 101 gang stalking stuff each El Al clerk knows by heart.

But the abused cardigan - it is a totally new chapter that we'll open some day.

Oh, and Deborah: re the implant - even if you find it (it is easy - the lice tend to avoid its location because of the higher level of radiation), do not try to get it removed by an NHS sawbones! It will get all your wiring scrambled and you will never be the same, so take care!