03 May 2007

Army undergoing revolution, Peretz says

Yes, this is exactly what he said (well, as translated into English, at least).

While the rampant and unchecked capitalism could do with a bit of revolution here and there (especially here, since there is of less concern to me at the moment), I am not at all sure that Peretz-style revolution in the army is good. Trade-union of pilots vs. trade-union of ground support team, trade-union of NCO's vs. trade-union of officers etc. - no, I definitely don't think so.

On the other hand, all this stuff could be just a result of my personal misunderstanding. Maybe he just wants to set once and for all a new standard for mustache size according to the military rank. Something like this:

Of course, due to the immense depth of the army pyramid there will have to be a lot more different sizes, but nothing is impossible when there is a will.

It should be made clear that the sample below will remain reserved for one person only:

Guess who?



Anonymous said...

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