17 May 2007

Shocked? Nah...

Some people are both shocked and disappointed, according to JP:

Jerusalem was both "shocked" and "disappointed" by French President-elect Nicolas Sarkozy's reported selection of Socialist Hubert Vedrine as his foreign minister over the weekend. Vedrine is a well-known and not-much-beloved personage in Jerusalem, having served as foreign minister under prime minister Lionel Jospin from 1997-2002. During the height of the Palestinian violence that began in September 2000, Vedrine advocated economic sanctions against Israel within the EU.
Playing dumb will be a more fitting description for these people. What exactly did they expect from Sarkozy - recruitment of his government officials according to the list approved by the Chief Rabbi? It is France, for Bordeaux's sake!
As of Sunday, Vedrine had not accepted the offer, but if the appointment becomes official, it would likely spark outrage within the French Jewish community, an official in Sarkozy's UMP party told the Post. "There would be friction with the Jewish community. Jews in France thought that there would be a Zionist government in France, and this is a scandal for them. They will not embrace him."
And, judging by the quote above, somebody in France is mightily confused. Whether it is the official in Sarkozy's UMP party or the Jewish community, it is difficult to tell. Speaking about con...

Update: According to the latest news, there is another candidate for the job: Bernard Kouchner. It gets curiosier and curiosier...