23 May 2007

Tough job

If you thought being a judge is all about a secure tenure, respect and sowing the seeds of justice, think twice. It could be as tough as it gets, pitting a person against a jungle of thorny and stubborn legal issues that require burning lots of the midnight oil to untangle. Here is one example:

A Pakistan judge warned a couple Tuesday that their marriage was against both the law and Islam as they were both women, even though the groom had a sex-change operation 16 years ago.

The judge was hearing a case that pits the bride's father - who wants to annul the wedding on religious grounds - and the couple, who said they wed to protect the bride from being sold into marriage to pay off her uncle's gambling debts.
Now let's see: gender definition, lawfulness of a marriage, religion, biology, relatives, finances, a random element of gambling...

No, better you than me, you know.