26 May 2007

The true face of the boycott campaigners

The following post by Ami Isseroff is copied in its entirety. The message it carries should be spread as widely as possible to show the real motives behind the boycott movement.

This matter should be of urgent concern to anyone interested in Middle East peace, and especially to groups who are debating boycotts of Israel. The anti-Israel boycott campaign is led by organizations who proclaim their humanitarian and peaceful intent. A group that claims to represent a coalition of such organizations is the "Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel [PACBI]." Their Web site, at http://www.pacbi.org, is revealing. You may not be able to see this site, which is visible in the Middle East, but may be hidden in Europe and the USA. Check the Google cache, and refer to the translated materials here: A program for wrecking Israeli-Palestinian Dialog.

The interesting message of this site is contained in several Arabic language documents at their Web site. That is quite different from the message of peace, democracy and human rights that is given to the foreign "khawaja" "marks" they are trying to convince. They do not provide the documents in English of course.

The highlights of their message, from documents that have been translated thus far:

  • Dialogue and cooperation contacts should only be with groups that accept right of return of Palestinian refugees, and for projects that advance the solution of the Palestinian problem "in the broadest sense."

  • Dialogue with groups formed for purposes of enhancing empathy, health, cultural exchange only should be avoided.

  • Seeds of Peace is a dangerous organization, according to the PACBI.

  • Those who run dialogue and cooperative ventures are traitors who live on crumbs thrown to them by the Europeans and Americans.

  • Dialogue is a sham, based on the premise that there are misunderstandings between the sides. The real problem is that the Zionists stole the land of the Arabs.

  • Israel is a European implant in Arab soil.

  • Dialogue groups do not fight for Palestinian rights, including right of return.

  • All forms of "resistance" (including terrorism) are legitimate under international law, though "many Palestinians" oppose killing of civilians, according to PACBI

This is the "humanitarian" message of the PACBI boycott coalition, which does not disclose what groups support it. As in some grade B science fiction movie, when the foreign suckers are not looking, the humanitarian angels of the PACBI morph into depraved and evil creatures who approve of terror, and consider Seeds of Peace a dangerous organization. They try to destroy any hope of constructive dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians, if they cannot subvert it to the goal of destroying Israel and denying the right to self determination to the Jewish people.

For those of us who cannot read Arabic or access the PACBI Web site, information about them is posted here, in English:

A program for wrecking Israeli-Palestinian Dialog - which shows their flow chart for determining whether it is wise to engage in cooperative projects, and PACBI - Youth Brochure where high school students can learn about the dangers of Seeds of Peace, and about the "traitors" who run such organizations, and who "accept crumbs" from the Europeans and Americans. The "Youth Brochure" provides a hate filled panorama of Palestinian Arab history, meant to "educate" Palestinian high school and university students. Ironically, it also explains that all protests about incitement in Palestinian educational materials are propaganda.

Make certain that every union group, church group or university who admits a speaker from PACBI or one of their affiliate organizations is aware of their program. Make certain that the speaker is asked what their stand is about the rights of Jews in Palestine, and whether or not they support the existence of a Jewish state of Israel, and whether or not they think all "resistance" is legitimate.

Ami Isseroff