21 November 2007

Surprised George and The Bomb

This picture summarizes for me the image of George Monbiot: in essence - a surprised imbecile. The picture, by the way, comes from a BBC article, so it could not be labeled an Elders' Photoshop job.

His new article in CiF carries a headline that matches this picture just beautifully:

Give the man a candy, please. His ability to be surprised is rivaled only by his ability to construct logical chains of unmatched nincompoopery.

For starters, look no further than the beginning of that piece:
I believe that Bush and Brown - who maintain their nuclear arsenals in defiance of the non-proliferation treaty...
Could somebody explain to George what exactly the non-proliferation treaty is about? Well, one can try, no doubt...

But that was neither here nor there - just an appetizer. Now let's see that chain of logic I have promised. Here George comes out with a statement:
But Israel under Olmert is also a dangerous and unpredictable state involved in acts of terror abroad.
Fine, ain't it? Now let's see how elegantly he proves it in a few easy steps:
Two months ago it bombed a site in Syria (whose function is fiercely disputed).
Syria, indeed, disputes everything fiercely - from the mere act of bombing to the function of the site. Nobody else, save Baby Assad diminutive NK buddy, seems to dispute much.
Last year, it launched a war of aggression against Lebanon.
Indeed? From "disproportional response" to "war of aggression"? Cool. He probably read some Hezbollah site the other day and forgot to reset his memory module at the time of writing this.
It remains in occupation of Palestinian lands.
Is it a sign of being unpredictable? Hmm... have to check my dictionary on this.
In February 2001, according to the BBC, it used chemical weapons in Gaza: 180 people were admitted to hospital with severe convulsions.
According to BBC... rather, according to late Yasser, he of the double tongue and the lovely imagination. Why not mention the depleted uranium, the bird flu, the genetically trained virus - all these reported by Yasser and his loyal (oh well...) spouse Suha? Duh...

In short - our dear surprised George easily leaves any village idiot standing. When he puts his mind to it, that is...

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