14 November 2007

Another puzzled muzzled

It is by accident that I have stumbled on the post Haram for us, Halal for Israel by an Egyptian blogger(ess) Zeinobia. Look in Wiki for haram and halal, but for the purpose the former means "forbidden" and the latter means "permissible". "Us" in the context of that post means the Ummah, or the Muslim world in other words.

Zeinobia succeeded in being both puzzled and muzzled in the same post.


I can't find a reason why Israel is so scared that any Arab or Islamic country would own a nuclear program !! Seriously I do not find a good reason to all what the Israelis are doing...
It is silly because no one in the world, the West of course dares to open his mouth about the Israeli Nuclear program...
So, being of a weak character where pretty girls* are concerned, I have decided to help Zeinobia a bit.

You see, Zeinobia, there are only 6 and something millions of us (the Jooz) on that tiny sliver of land which you consider too big for us in any case. The Ummah, on the other hand, is about 1.2 billion and growing, being spread from that ocean to another. And it so happens that most of the Ummah would like nothing more than to see us off that tiny sliver mentioned above. Cause, you know, we are the colonial aggressive running lackey dogs of the world Zioimperialism and infidels to boot. And the most frightening mortal threat to the Ummah, in all its 1.2 billion ocean-to-ocean glory.

So, the Ummah's burning desire to embrace the puny us in its Islamic embrace is kinda worrying. And thus we much prefer, you know, to talk softly and carry a big stick. Better than the other way around. Er... well, you catch my drift by now, I guess.

OK, I hope that we have dealt extensively enough with that puzzlement thingy and can go on to muzzlement.

In fact, dear Zeinobia, it is rather your job to explain how precisely you (and all the other complainants) are muzzled, when you seem to be not only free to link to that Wiki entry on Israeli nuclear prowess but to expand on it as well in that very long post.

In short, Zeinobia, complaining about your inability to open your mouth may lead a reader to a somewhat rude question about the provenance of your post. If you see what I mean...

(*) I can really see the beautiful Zenobia waggling her finger at the bad uncouth Israelis and pursing her lips with that "Oh you silly bad boys" expression...

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