12 November 2007

Another tiff between terrorists

CNN reports:

At least seven Palestinians were killed and 55 wounded Monday when Hamas security forces and Fatah gunmen traded fire at a Gaza City rally, according to Palestinian medical sources.
Haaretz numbers are a bit different:
Gunfire killed at least six people on Monday at a Fatah rally attended by hundreds of thousands of supporters of the defeated faction in Hamas-ruled Gaza, a medic at a local hospital said.
While CNN is being careful in not assigning the blame ("traded fire"), both sides in the firefight accuse the other one:
Fatah accused Hamas security men of opening fire at the memorial ceremony for Yasser Arafat...

Hamas said its forces had responded to fire from Fatah gunmen.
Most probably Fatah is trying to flex its muscles in Gaza, and the show was more or less staged. So what else is new?

Maybe the following curious detail: CNN labeling of Hamas and Fatah: "Hamas security forces and Fatah gunmen." Is this only for Gaza?