02 November 2007

Photohunt: Classic

The theme for this week is "Classic". It was difficult to decide on what kind of classic is meant. So I have decided on contemporary classics, e.g. things that are not all that antique, but still excellent and become... er... classic. For example, like this:

You, probably, know what it is about, and it is not my picture, just an appetizer. So, where do I start? Probably with this famous hotel in Victoria, BC (build in the beginning of the last century, it is somewhat of a classic, although I have a difficulty defining the style:

Since we have started with buildings, here is another one, which most of you, probably, will not identify easily:

This house, build in Tel-Aviv, is one of about four thousand Bauhaus buildings built in the White City during the first half of past century, where by now they become a part of world cultural heritage.

Now to a building of quite a different style and purpose:

This is a classic rather in the sense of being outdated, being an old linear particle accelerator in the Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel). These days, being of a doubtful scientific value, the building is kept as a landmark. Some easily impressed children with overactive imagination see it as a dinosaur in their nightmares.

Now to a different type of classic:

This elephant foot contraption is the most common one in North America and could be, most probably, traced to the days of Thomas Alva Edison, not changed much since his days. Anyone who tried to find the light switch in the darkness knows how to curse, rest assured.

And of course, a really classic sequence cannot do without this:

An authentic classic power nap on a classic (oh well...) Oriental-type carpet.

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