06 November 2007

Demon on your shoulder

This is the kind of news to pep you up in the morning and to look at the future with some hope. Unfounded as this hope might be.

A Colorado man reports he was able to kick his drug habit after a photograph of him at a relative's anniversary celebration showed – literally – a demon on his shoulder.

Joe Martinez told Fox 31 News in Denver that drugs were killing his soul. But he's now on the road to recovery because of the photograph.
My dog literally pissed himself hearing this story, and I don't even have a dog, being a cat person myself.

Now, Joe, the stories I can tell you about seeing things that will make your dog seem really tame in comparison: the spiders (multicolored), the lizards, the squishy and squiggly things that could not be even named... and not only on one's shoulder - everywhere, my man, everywhere!

And the secret is: NEVER MIX YOUR DRINKS. Stick to the same stuff for the duration, and everything will be just peachy.

Your health!



Webdesign said...

This is ace! Nice one, & also rather like what's ran
through my brain when I've been stood in that Demon on your shoulder.