25 November 2007

Hugo the Truther

The much maligned community of truthers has a good cause to rejoice, welcoming a new heavyweight that joined its slightly incoherent but feisty rows.

History books record that Simón Bolívar, the liberator of South America, died of tuberculosis in 1830: a banal end to a magnificent life. Now Bolívar is depicted as the victim of a perfect murder, a crime so deft that for almost two centuries nobody suspected a thing.

In the absence of any evidence to support the allegation, the amateur sleuth who made it would normally command little attention. But Hugo Chávez is difficult to ignore.
It is time to erase this smile of superiority of your faces, you Western scribes you.

Evidence - shmevidence: there are some things that must be clear to anyone who looks with an unprejudiced eye (or two eyes even) at the global picture.
As Hugo here astutely notices:
He was assassinated - they wanted him dead.

I am not convinced Bolívar died of tuberculosis.

The key detail was the arduous trip just before his death. "Bolívar covered I don't know how many kilometres." According to an unnamed doctor whom the president consulted, such a feat would have been impossible for someone enfeebled by advanced tuberculosis.
See how simple it is, when you really need to get to the bottom of a diabolical conspiracy? Indeed - how could these two buildings have been destroyed by 19 Arabs who allegedly piloted modern airplanes without CIA/Mossad being closely involved? How could Arafat die of "unidentified illness", surrounded by the best doctors the money could buy without being poisoned by you know who? How could dinosaurs, these freedom-loving intelligent species roaming the pampas and selvas of South America die out suddenly, without Bush family shamelessly pumping the oil stolen from the Iraqi people into their pristine habitat?

Ergo - Bolívar was stabbed in the back by Zioneoimperialists as sure as Hugo created small green apples. As his best buddies Mugabe and Ahmadinejad were sworn witnesses to.