30 November 2007

"No tolerance: Execution," they shouted

The British teacher jailed in Sudan for letting her students name a teddy bear "Muhammad" was whisked to a secret location Friday after armed mobs demanded her execution.
And for a good reason:

Protesters brandishing clubs and knives streamed out of mosques and rallied outside the presidential palace in the capital Khartoum.
And where does this sea of love come from?
A Muslim cleric at Khartoum's main Martyrs Mosque denounced Gibbons during a sermon, accusing her of intentionally insulting Islam even though fellow teachers said it was her students' idea to name the bear Muhammad.

"This is an arrogant woman who came to our country, cashing her salary in dollars, teaching our children hatred of our Prophet Muhammad," Abdul-Jalil Nazeer al-Karour told worshippers.
Yeah... Just to think what could have happened if it were a dog and not a teddy bear...

Yes, and here is that arrogant woman dreaming about her dollars:

How do I tag this post? Oh, yeah.


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