11 November 2007

Are you still a Chavista?

Then you are either an idiot or a latent pro-Nazi, there is no other alternative I can see.
Read this and watch this and make up your mind, while it is not too late.

The Ibero-American summit ended on an unusually heated note Saturday, when an angry verbal spat culminated with the king of Spain telling Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to "shut up." Chavez, the outspoken leftist leader who called President Bush "the devil" on the floor of the United Nations last year, triggered the exchange by repeatedly referring to former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar as a "fascist.
No, I am not overexcited by Chavez resorting to cheap insults: kettle and pot come to mind, but that's all. There is something more serious:
Aznar, a conservative and a close Bush ally who backed the U.S.-led war in Iraq, "is a fascist," Chavez said in a speech to leaders from Latin America, Spain and Portugal. "Fascists are not human. A snake is more human."
Stripping your enemy's image of humanity is the first step in the sadly known "progression" from incendiary cheap pathos to the most dastardly acts, including genocide. Makes it much easier to proceed to a bloodbath - after all it is not humans you will be murdering, it is just some vermin to get rid of.

Wake up.