27 November 2007

Der Sturmer days are coming back?

When you start a sentence with "something is rotten in...", you are usually trying to point out something more serious than a hangnail but still not as final and tragic as, to take one example, an incurable cancer growth. I am afraid that the time when a sentence about The Guardian could have been started this way has passed.

When a mere sports hack is starting his venomous Jewish conspiracy piece with "Roman Abramovich's millions cast a long shadow over England's Euro 2008 hopes", and the editors see nothing wrong with it - we are beyond looking for a cure.

When even a dipshit Hezbollah supporter says "I support Hezbollah but find Scotts article pathetic." in the comments to this crap, you can gather easily what kind of low was reached in the article.

When the same dipshit Hezbollah supporter uses a word like jewdom and the moderators of the above mentioned rag pass it over, I do not thinks I have to elaborate.

Via Shlemazl.

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