15 November 2007

Elders of Zion - yet another coup

The guy who sent me the link to the article From Stockwell to the web (via Tel Aviv) titled his e-mail as a joke: "Guardian colludes with Zionist entity". What is the article about? Briefly about this:

...a few weeks ago, on the 12th floor of an office building just outside Tel Aviv, a small group of Israeli technologists finished making a modest contribution to that task, by digitising every page of every edition of the Guardian since its launch in 1821 up to the 1970s, along with thousands of editions of the Observer - about 900,000 pages in all.
Do not miss a hilarious update at the end of this post!

Since part of the truth is already out, and due to our willingness to tell almost everything as it really is, lest the jerks from TheTruthWillOut and all the other Truth... get it all wrong (they will get it wrong anyhow, but at least they wouldn't be able to say later that we haven't tried) - I have decided to put a few things straight.

First of all: colludes - shmolludes! Who are The Guardian, for crying out loud, to even dream about "colluding" with the Zionists - the Elders' prime source of the man/women/otherwise-power? I ask you, is it chutzpa or is it chutzpa? They are being controlled, of course, but like any other mass media shop, nothing more, nothing less - or didn't you hear about it yet?

The digitizing our mind-controlled slave goes on about in that article is just another technicality. You see, our mind control teams are tired a bit of all that controlling, and it is time to make use or the Internet. There is nothing easier than to insert a subliminal message into every page on the newspaper site.

So, while you are looking for a 1882 Guardian report on your grand-grand-... dad being arrested after a pub brawl or for an engagement notice of your
grand-grand-...ma, our cold and slimy virtual fingers will be probing your brain. And you will be no more able to recognize or, indeed, even to see our trained reptilians going about their business on the streets of your city. Or to feel the needle that goes into your vein for fresh blood (so beloved by the Elders), while you are sure that all you do is being present at an extremely boring management meeting.

Or to understand that while hailing that new achievement of digital age, you are merely doing our bidding.

Precisely what that poor bloke Oliver Burkemann has done...

Update: An eagle-eyed (while brain-deficient) member of moonbat brigade of CiF has already grokked the consequences:
You have got to be kidding? The Guardian, which swears it is not pro Israel, could not find one company in the country of Britain, the country the Guardian writes for, to take care of their digital archives?

The Guardian, based in Britain, free of bias for Israeli foreign policy, had to go to the country of Israel to find a qualified company who could take care of their digital archives?

Did the Israeli company transfer all of the Guardian stories intact? Or are Guardian stories that would be uncomfortable for Israel, conveniently hard to find?

I wonder how long all these people can keep writing that Israel does not control Britain?
He he he... It is not Israel, dumkopf, in is the Elders - study the difference.