13 November 2007

The preyer service

No, it is not what you think: no one will do no preying for no perverts for no money, it is just a honest miskate.

In fact, it is you, Joe the Customer who will become the prey, with a potential for some subsequent wailing (well, it is up to you how much wailing you could do for $9.99).

Borrowing from the shining example of some Israeli lotteries, these folks offer a monthly subscription for only $29.99, which, of course, drastically increases your chances to be eventually listened to and being answered.

Normally, I do not get seduced by any lotteries, but there is no limit for what you could ask for in this case, so I have parted with
$9.99 about a month ago (click to enlarge):

So far I have not received any of the goodies mentioned, but a recent onset of hay fever, uncontrollable twitching in my left ear and a newly acquired habit of pocketing silverware when in restaurants are sure signs that something big is cooking upstairs. Yes, sir!

And now you can go and safely read this good old joke...

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