02 November 2007

Putin better than Hitler and the Russian cops

Russian policemen are not known for their swiftness, but are quite reliable in some matters. It takes them some time to catch up with a perp, but than they are unstoppable.

According to this report, a pro-Putin demonstration in Novosibirsk on October 27 carried an interesting sideline: a few anti-Putin supporters of democracy that presented an exciting slogan:

The banner says simply "Putin is better than Hitler". Some may say that it is a matter of opinion, but hardly anyone will argue with this statement, so it must be true.

Nevertheless, the police of Novosibirsk decided that the statement is offensive (why?) and, after mulling on the matter for 27 minutes (somebody cared enough to record the time), took away the banner and the two gentlemen holding it.

Now the reader will have to make his/her own conclusions about the attitude of police toward Putin...

Another curious political movement seems to be born in Novosibirsk:

These nice folks want to see an Ikea shop opening in the area, and as soon as humanly possible. To add some political flavor to their request, they chanted "Putin and Swede, brothers forever".

Conclusion: it is still freaking cold in Novosibirsk at this time of the year...