17 November 2007

Photohunt: I love my Treo

The theme for this week is "I love...". This being an anonymous blog, I wouldn't show any people here, I have used animals in the Flexible, so I shall go for a thing this time. And as far as things go, it will be about my smartphone - good ole Treo 650.

So, where do I start? Of course, as I have mentioned, it is first of all a a phone:

Then it is a camera - for situations when I don't happen to carry my "real" one and a low quality snapshot will do.

Quite important - it is a dictionary when one is needed:

I have several of them, somehow connecting three languages...

Of course, it is my games collection:

About 50 or 60 of them, for all situations and all moods.

And surely a person needs his music box with him at all times (no Ipod for me!):

What would you do without being able to watch an occasional clip? So:

And the family pictures you used to carry in your wallet...

How about the weather forecast for you area? Would you need an umbrella tomorrow?

When on the run and in need of the last e-mail from your... whoever:

And, of course, the latest news from the Internet:

I could continue with more uses, like unit conversion, currency exchange rates, address book, reminder, calendar, to do list, ..., but the Blogger starts producing strange noises when I add another picture, so I better stop here.

So, he (I think of my Treo as a male, for some reason) is my true friend, never complaining and only occasionally asking to be left alone with a charger for an hour or two. What more could you ask from a friend?

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