22 November 2007

HItler, Ahmydinnerjacket and the Stoppers

It would be only too easy and, probably too lazy, to claim that Mahmoud the Mad aka Ahmydinnerjacket is a reincarnation of Adolph Hitler. I still think that Mahmoud is at the moment a figurehead that mostly does what his real puppet masters, the Ayatollahs, tell him to. Maybe he is a bit too zealous even for his masters, but so far it looks that they are quite comfortable with his rhetorics, his cheap suits and his drive to become more pious than Muhammad.

Whether it is Mahmoud or his masters, a good look at some history lessons will not hurt. And here comes Sir Ian Kershaw, with a ever-timely reminder: Blind Optimism*.

By the time the Nazi party came to prominence by winning 107 seats (18.3% of the votes) in the Reichstag election of September 14 1930, British newspapers could not ignore Hitler and his movement. But, as Brigitte Granzow showed long ago in her book, A mirror of Nazism, the reportage was replete with distortions and misinterpretation.
Read the article, it is replete with examples of stupidity and near-sightedness that will make you squirm. The same creeps (or, rather, their spoor) that blabbed then about the innocence and cuddliness of Nazis in general and Hitler in particular, are going on these days about how Iran is the only democratic country in the region and how Mahmoud the Mad is underestimated, mistranslated, misunderstood and maligned by the Zioimperialists and blah blah blah...

Of course, I cannot miss this priceless (albeit not surprising) reminder:
The Observer, in its article on March 20 1932, hinted that attacks on Hitler's anti-semitism exaggerated the danger, adding: "It must not be forgotten that the major part of the German Republican Press is in Jewish hands."
Ehehe. Probably written by a granddad of the Stopper who is proudly marching today under yellow Hezbollah flag or hand in hand with the Rage Boy's relatives carrying "Zionism = Nazism" banners or some such.

Stoppers never die...

(*) The article comes from the digitized Guardian archive, as it is widely known in certain circles, already doctored by the Zionists to help them in pursuing their own dark agenda.

Via Will.