08 November 2007

Not in my name!

The health Gestapo has found a new target, it appears - our pets.

A group of podgy pets with a combined weight of more than a sixth of a tonne are contestants in an annual fat-fighting challenge.

Pictured, is George, from Liverpool, a fat cat weighing more than a stone. He will be up against pets including Scooby, an overweight dog from Gillingham, and podgy puss Oscar from London. The eight animals, from across the UK, will now take part in a 100-day diet and fitness challenge.
Being an avowed cat lover, I have to be afraid of the possibly fatal impact this act of cruelty will have on a well-developed feline like George here.

There is another thing that frightens me even more. The picture above reminded me about the fate of the giant rabbits. What will happen to George if the glorious leader of NK sees this picture?

Update: More about obesity here:
A woman from Winona in Minnesota is accusing a work colleague, who was pet sitting her pig, of neglect after she allowed the pig to become obese, a local daily newspaper said Wednesday. Michelle Schmitz, 22, said she left the pot-bellied pig, Alaina Templeton, with a colleague in February while she was recovering from ankle surgery. Within nine months the pig's weight tripled - from 22 kg (50 pounds) to 68 kg (150 pounds). In addition, it had trouble breathing and "stunk real bad." "That pig is my life," the Winona Daily News quotes the woman, who even has the pet's name tattooed on her body, as saying.