27 November 2007

Annapolis talks, peace deals and the deal breakers

This troika of deal makers is gracing today the pages of many a newspaper.

With a Mideast summit starting Tuesday in Maryland, Israeli and Palestinian officials worked late into the night trying to hammer out a joint agreement on how negotiations would move forward, diplomats from several delegations said.
With all the difficulties that make the improbable to seem impossible as it is, the whole issue is exacerbated by the absentees:

This one (Haniyeh) is only a megaphone - the peripheral device, so to say. But he is already talking. "The Palestinian people will not be bound by anything the Palestinian Authority agrees to in Annapolis," he said. And do you know what - I believe him.

This one (Meshaal), in Damascus, is really the script writer for Haniyeh. And he is talking too: Khaled Meshaal, the Hamas political chief exiled in Damascus, said the Annapolis conference was called by George Bush, the US president, to mask plans of aggression in the region. That's besides writing scripts for his mouthpiece in Gaza and planning terrorist acts.

And his host, baby Assad (caught in this picture in a rare display of honesty), does not interfere, of course. Being somewhat less of a motormouth than his Hamas' protégé, he will make sure that there will be no deal with Palestinians unless he gets his Golan Heights - the medicine for his dad's wounded honor - back. And even that, with permission from someone else.

Here is the mouthpiece of that someone else. The ever exaggerating clown, Mahmoud the Mad is out there: this one will make sure that the links of the chain mentioned above stay put and that nothing interferes with his wet dreams. He is quite certain that "The US government, which is an accomplice to Zionist crimes, cannot play the role of savior by hosting the Annapolis conference".

And finally the one who is yanking the chain. The puppet master himself, the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei. Nice bloke, if you happen to get acquainted with him, they say. What he says is quite simple, too: The aim of the conference is to "give assistance to the occupying regime" of Israel, the leader said of the ongoing efforts by the White House which Sayyed Khamenei described as "the Black House".

Now - do you think that the troika we started with is going to break this chain?