12 September 2008

The unbearable snootiness of the Old World

No one does that trick of looking at the unwashed forinners down his nose better than some members of British establishment. Here comes Peregrine Worthstone, former editor of the Sunday Telegraph:

Did he consult the allies? Of course not. For even with the little knowledge that was available to him he must have known all too well that her qualities and talents were strictly for local consumption, and almost provocatively off-putting for the rest of the free world.
Whether McCain blundered or not is immaterial for the case at hand. But imagine, for instance, President Sarkozy being told off for not calling, say, Gordon Brown (the latter was chosen for comic effect really) to check Brown's opinion on choosing his PM or something in this vein. Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it?


Via Andrew Ian Dodge.

Not exactly the same, but similar.