25 September 2008

Proof that British women are irresistible

You know how it goes: a British woman of a certain age alone on a Mediterranean vacation, a local hunk (imagine eyes slightly moist of passion, bushy mustache, lots of bodily hair, minor inebriation caused by anise-flavored drinks), romantic seaside scenery, a jealous wife/girlfriend - in short, all the mandatory ingredients for a B-rated movie or a pink-cover romantic novel.

Here is another one, but with a slight twist:

A Turkish hotel has sacked all its male staff because they kept seducing older British women. Manager Pelin Yucel took the drastic step after catching her male waiters and barmen bedhopping with guests looking for Shirley Valentine-style romances. They have now been replaced with a women-only team at the 27-bedroom hotel in Marmaris, reports the Daily Telegraph.
Now about that role of a jealous girlfriend:
Ms Yucel, 32, said: "It got beyond a joke. The last straw was when I caught my bartender coming out of a toilet with a woman guest.
Another twist, you would agree.

Obviously now the hotel will be besieged by British male guests.

Then we shall see which team wins...