01 September 2008

Al-Alam (Iran): "Poisoned Food, New Israeli Warfare"

According to Judeopundit, we are outed on this one too.

Since there is not need for secrecy, I can tell you the rest now: you see, we, the Jooz, are eating the same poisoned food we sell to goyim. This is an excellent cover. To stay alive, we train our children and ourselves to be impervious to the poison. It is actually very simple: eat gefilte fish, cholent and, of course, tzimmes.

Granted and confessed - it is not easy...

P.S. And look where we got with chicken soup!

Update: Another one of our darker deeds is outed, again via Judeopundit.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has blasted some 'Zionist drug cartels' that develop new diseases to sell their pharmaceutical products.
Yes. One of our more successful microbes got totally out of hand.