28 September 2008

The last chance?

I wouldn't say how many years I live in the land of milk and honey, it is classified - as well as the precise ways I use to get the above mentioned milk and honey. Let's say a lot of years. Why do I mention it? Because there was no year without this or another guru telling us that this year is the year of our last chance to reach peace. Or else. The part of "else" usually includes lots of fire, brimstone and more...

I was always kind of skeptical about that last chance. I know that I missed my last chance to see a live show by Sir Paul lately and don't hardly feel any regret. I missed the last show by Yossi Banai and am real sorry about it. Etc.

But the last chance for peace? Finally, here comes professor Rubin with a definitive piece on that "last chance".

Take heed. And Happy New Year!