13 September 2008

Diversity, diversity and once more diversity

The post title is a ripoff from Lenin's "To study, to study and once more to study", but you cannot ignore its wisdom and applicability to many situations. Like the one addressed by the UK Film Council's online Diversity Toolkit. This toolkit will guide you, my dear and rare reader, in your simplicity and nincompoopery, to the true meaning and practical implementation of the sacred Diversity.

It even has a quiz that checks the depth of your understanding. I have gone through it and am not telling the results. Suffice to say that now I am able to expand the quiz by examples of my own. Here comes one:

You are a security guard / tickets checker in a movie theater. The several steps of the stairs leading to the entrance you guard are relatively high and may be an obstacle for a child or a smallish* person, while the building is not blessed by an arrangement that will enable a handicapped person or a child to get up the stairs. Now a vertically challenged (85 cm including heels and sombrero) Jewish gay person of color approaches the stairs and looks helplessly in your direction. Your choices are:

  1. To make yourself looking busy with other customers entering the door (for example showing that tearing the control stub off is a difficult and consuming activity)
  2. To throw something (ashtray?) at the VC (vertically challenged...) to make him go away
  3. To tell him to bring his parents that may help him out with the stairs and stuff
  4. To call the UK Film Council for instructions
  5. To spit on the stairs in disgust and just quit the job
  6. Offer your own solution
Go ahead, answer the challenge.

Via Peter Risdon.