25 September 2008

Two bombs that exploded in Jerusalem

The first one was a small pipe bomb that (thankfully) lightly wounded professor Ze'ev Sternhell. Professor Sternhell, Israel Prize winner, is an historian and one of the world's leading experts on Fascism. Coincidentally or not, he is also one of the leaders of Peace Now movement.

Pamphlets calling for physical assault of Left-wing activists were found near the professor's home on Wednesday night, reportedly promising a NIS 1,100,000 reward to anyone who murdered someone associated with the Peace Now organization.
Due to the fact that the assassination attempt doesn't seem to be related to criminal or Palestinian terrorist activities, police quite reasonably concluded that the bomb at Sternhell's home was likely planted by far-right.

The second bomb, of a delayed action, exploded (and continues to explode) immediately after most of the news sources quoted the police on that suspicion. According to the news on the radio, several right-wind outfits of the more dubious kind have already expressed their indignation by the police provocation. Some of them have already concocted a conspiracy theory, the gist of which is that the bomb and the pamphlets were set by security services as a blood libel against the peaceful lambs of the far right. Parallels with Rabin's "provoked" murder are already being aired. The level of histrionics displayed by some of the speakers I had a doubtful pleasure to hear is a better giveaway than a pointed finger. If you ask me, that is.

This is a bomb of the mass bulshitting kind, not that easy to disarm.

I have my doubts about some of Shalom Akhsav (Peace Now) politics and activities. However, I don't have any doubts or sentiments about the "far-right" (or far out) lunatics.

Pox on their houses. Or, lacking pox, a good ole D-9.