03 September 2008

Bristol Palin, Babygate, and the audacity to smirk and cast stones

I was told by a wise man that sleaze and all-out shit-slinging are an integral part of many a political campaign in US. This time, however, I felt that too many records were broken. Still, not my business, and I didn't intend to post on it. And here comes Ami Isseroff and does it so well:

The "intellectual" gossips and lynch mob members who are insisting that this campaign must be about poor Bristol Palin are also making people do precisely that: forget the issues and rally 'round the beleaguered Palin family, beset by nincompoops who call themselves intellectuals and shamed by Cotton Matherite progressives.
If I were a US citizen I would know how to vote now... Even if it were against my personal politics.

Peter Risdon has summarized the story wonderfully:
The Palin announcement has been the political equivalent of turning over a flat rock.