11 September 2008

Sarah Palin and this end of the world LHC thingy

Reading this short side remark by Norm. What could be the link between the eagerly anticipated (by some) end of the world and very feminine and controversial Sarah P.

Trying to connect the Freudian dots: LHC - black holes - life starts in a woman - exiting a black hole - that Almodovar movie with man life's amazing end - right wing Sarah Palin and visions of apocalypse - black holes again...

No, of course I am not analyzing Norm here, so no offense.

As for the spectacular dreams some people have re Sarah Palin: I wish I got one of them. Instead, the only Sarah-related dream I had was where I was a boxing ring floor mat with four people fighting, running and jumping around upon my prostrate body.

One of them was wearing stiletto heels...

Update: another nice interpretation of the same dots.