22 September 2008

Ehud Barak - what is he up to?

"On the eve of Israel’s 60th Independence Day, the country’s population stands at 7,282,000", says this site. Without arguing about this number - 7,281,999 of the citizens do not have a slightest idea what their minister of defense is doing lately. This quote summarizes how it looks from outside his feverish brain:

Senior Labor Party figures said Barak understands that he has to prevent Livni from consolidating her popularity from the prime minister's chair, but does not want to be criticized for provoking elections. Barak is said to believe that Netanyahu will not join a Livni government, and this could be his pretext to call for elections. Livni's associates said it was strange that Barak met with the opposition leader before finding time to meet with Livni, despite her attempts since Thursday to schedule such a meeting.
Oh well, hopefully he will understand eventually that after the elections he is pushing for he will not have a pot to piss in, politically speaking...

The other intriguing question is whether Barak knows what Ehud does... or vice versa?

More guesswork here. But no psychiatrists on the case so far.

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