13 September 2008

More proof of Darwin's evolution theory

Sometimes paparazzi, while seeking a scoop, provide (unwittingly as their nature is) information that spills new light on something totally unrelated to the subject they are excited about. This is what happened this time. Look at this picture:

Taken quite a few years ago, it depicts Osama Bin Laden and his faithful sidekick Ayman al-Zawahiri during their careful and uncertain walk over the uneven and treacherous terrain of Afghani mountains.

But nature is kind and caring, making sure to give an even chance for those whose will to survive and persevere is strong. Coupled with Darwin's law, gene-modifying and not totally understood environment of the cave system in the area and cosmic rays, it took some years, but the result is a smasher. Behold the magic transformation of this pair, totally adapted to the harsh surroundings mentioned above:


Now let the creationists squirm!