12 September 2008

Leading scientist urges teaching of creationism in schools

Another British strike for multicul.. multicru... aw what the heck - for diversity.

The Rev Michael Reiss, a biologist and its [Royal Society] director of education, said it was self-defeating to dismiss as wrong or misguided the 10 per cent of pupils who believed in the literal account of God creating the Universe and all living things as related in the Bible or Koran. It would be better, he said, to treat creationism as a world view.
Totally correct. I, personally, am a closet Flat Earther (now you all know), and it is only fitting that Flat Earth model be studied in school.
And what about the Brits, including some luminaries, that believe in 911 conspiracy? This too should become a part of the curriculum.
And how about the Bigfoot?
And that fake lunar landing?