24 September 2008

Itil, the lost capital of the Khazars, found


An Astrakhan archaeologist said he has found the lost capital of the Khazars, a powerful nation that adopted Judaism as its official religion more than 1,000 years ago, only to disappear leaving little trace of its culture.
I really felt something tagging at my heart seeing this picture:

Obviously, the ancestral memories die hard. Everything came back in a flood of details: the first pony, the smoky yurt, the archery lessons...

And this reminder, of course:
The Khazars were a Turkic tribe that roamed the steppes from Northern China to the Black Sea. Between the seventh and 10th centuries they conquered huge swaths of what is now southern Russia and Ukraine, the Caucasus Mountains and Central Asia as far as the Aral Sea.
I think that Northern China to the Black Sea, plus these other bits and pieces mentioned, will do for now. Some people will have to move, I am afraid. Nothing personal, folks.