22 September 2008

Pole dancing - dreaming in Dublin, acting in Bucharest

I have mislaid this picture, but yesterday it has surfaced again in someone's e-mail:

It shows* that citizens of Dublin, while possessing a keen sense of humor, are too timid to act on their ideas.

In Bucharest**, however - OK, you can click "Read more..." down there only if you are above age of ___ (as applicable in your country, state, county).

Travellers in Bucharest came face to flesh with an extreme form of busking – a woman apparently stripping for cash while pole dancing on a subway train. Shocked commuters were subjected to a saucy striptease with the woman stripping down to her underwear, before asking the packed train for money, reports BalkanInsight.com.
Now to the really important part - LiveLeak generously provides a clip dedicated to the anonymous, but valiant, pole dancer.

(*) I suspect that this Dublin picture is photoshopped anyway.

(**) It should be noticed that for some inexplicable reason most of the articles about the Bucharest lady appear in Australian news sources.