08 September 2008

Man holds vigil to win back nun

This is almost pathetic:

An Italian man whose girlfriend left him to become a nun is holding a vigil outside her convent. Heartbroken Daniel Briatore, 21, has vowed to remain camped outside the convent in a bid to win back Patrizia Masoero, also 21, reports the Daily Telegraph.
Yeah, good luck, bambino - she is already married to the ultimate dude.

So why is he almost pathetic and not totally so, you may want to ask (but are too shy to)? Simple: he is a son of Levant and stores a trick or two under his love-stricken exterior:
In his entry on Italian social network site Netlog, Daniel calls himself Braveheart 86 and describes himself as a "heterosexual lifeguard who enjoys football".
Isn't this what our Anglo readers would call "hedging your bets"?