02 September 2008

Amy Goodman, AssaJew

For some of you who may be puzzled by that "AssaJew" combo: you may have noticed that many a "Jewish anti-Zionist" has this incurable habit of starting her/his anti-Israeli harangue by a sentence along the general line of "Being a Jew myself..." or "As a Jew, I protest...". The latter gave an easy and natural birth to AssaJew.

For some reason the morons believe that the purely coincidental fact of a Jewish egg serving as a carrier for the future peculiar anti-Zionist being gives them some added authority in Israel - related matters. You just cannot disabuse them of that stupid notion.

One of the more rabid and vile carriers of AssaJew rank, Amy Goodman, and her lair, the perfectly putrid Democracy Now, are bashed here. Enjoy.

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