15 September 2008

Some answers to the surfers

I know that this post will not endear me to some people who look askance at this itch to post search strings and related cheap wisecracks. But the urge is simply irresistible, and once in a while one must succumb. So here.

To field-dress a moose doesn't mean taking a moose for a fitting session in Bloomingdale. Check the link out.

Hadron - it's not a typo for hard-on. And what is a hard-on collider? - no, really!

I don't rightly know whether Large Hadron Collider is Zionist - I am in Hasbara, will ask the boffins, OK? Back to you with the answer soon.

Is Maria Sharapova Jewish? Who, that one?

Should we really care? As far as the Elders are concerned, she could be a reptilian. Looking like this...