18 September 2008

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It is this:

In this episode Criss Angel will attempt to escape from the nine-story Spyglass Resort building in Clearwater Fl. as it is being imploded by a team from Advanced Explosives Demolition, Inc. www.biggerblast.com.
Or this:
In what could only have been pulled off by the most amazing illusionist of the 21st century - Chris Angel mind freaked Arctic ice shelf specialists at Trent University in Ontario into believing the 4,500-year-old Markham Ice Shelf disappeared.
Or even this:
Illusionist Criss Angel, together with high-end quality apparel manufacturer Dussault Apparel, will be launching his own clothing brand called MF13.
Fer Criss sake... in any case, it's crap. So?


rey said...

i like your show here in the philippines...your my idol