02 November 2009

Yaakov (Jack) Teitel and other defective import products

Israeli police and security forces have announced the arrest of an American-born West Bank settler for an alleged string of attacks and murder plots against Arabs, homosexuals, leftists, messianic Jews and police forces.
A non-discriminating hater, this one.

It took Shin Bet 12 years to get to him, which is some kind of a record, unfortunately.
Shin Bet described Teitel as a lone wolf who did not confess his acts to anyone and carefully calculated his moves in order not to get caught.
The only consolation for us could be:
He did not learn the Hebrew language in all his years in Israel, they said.
JP's Yaakov Katz is asking a pertinent question: How many Jewish terrorists are still out there?

At least police have done better with another monster:
A 39-year-old man has been held in custody for several days on suspicion of carrying out Israel's worst multiple-homicide, in which six members of the Oshrenko family, including two young children, were brutally stabbed to death in their Rishon Lezion home last month, police announced Monday.
On October 27, Kirilik reenacted the murder for officers.
That one comes from the Eastern hemisphere this time. And, it appears, this massacre could have been prevented:
In 2006, Russian authorities accused Kirilik of carrying out a violent armed robbery before his move to Israel, and requested his extradition. It was not immediately clear why Israel failed to extradite him.