26 November 2009

Clocktower lovers utterly astound a German traveler

German traveller Dirk Gensler, who was staying at an adjacent backpacker hostel, was gobsmacked by what he saw when he peered out his window.
"Gobsmacked" means "utterly astounded", it's a Britishism still used by Aussies. And this is what made Mr Gensler's gob smacked:

Their identity is still a mystery but Sydney's clock tower lovebirds have become the toast of Broadway, with passersby capturing their intimate moment on video and mobile phone cameras.
I don't know. What with Sydney apartment rent and apartment purchase prices going through the roof (or through the clock tower, if you will), I am not surprised. At least the couple did it high enough and not on the sidewalk.

What rather surprises me is the shock experienced by the German guy. As far as I know, every town and village in Germany has more clock towers than you can shake a stick at. So what?


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