05 November 2009

The Francop affair aftermath

The considerable quantity of weaponry fished recently by our navy in Mediterranean is resting on dry land in the port of Ashdod, but the waves made by it are still churning. Our media is milking the story for what it is worth and then some. So does our foreign office, including a compulsory travel to the Ashdod exposition by the accredited diplomats. Cocktail hour amid hand grenades and rockets... It's quite impossible these days to switch on an electric appliance here without getting some Francop-related news. Relax, folks, we miss many more shipments than we catch, I bet. Anyway, I love our Shayetet (naval commando) boys as much as the next geezer, but let's be a bit less provincial, shall we?

But this is all in a day's work, so move on, there are better things to watch. Which is, to start with, the hilarious responses from our neighbors and cousins.

Still, it is not the Arab press that takes the cake in this case. The honors go to the UN-believable dorks:

Two days before Israel's capture of a ship that was apparently ferrying arms to Hezbollah, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon released a report to the UN Security Council in which he said the United Nations took the Israeli allegations about weapons smuggling to Hezbollah seriously, but lacked the ability to independently verify the information.
And how do we know this (pay attention, please):
In the report, Ban wrote that the Lebanese government had not informed the UN of a single incident of weapons smuggling to its territory, whether by land, sea or air.
Lebanese government hadn't informed... I will be... how is it for a... what the...

To relax - here goes a related blooper courtesy of Ynet:

Our defense minister is getting so large lately that he already deserves a zip code of his own, not to mention perimeter patrols. Well, the Ynet folks meant "tours", of course....

My power nap time is nigh anyhow.

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