24 November 2009

BNP's Lee Barnes: nowhere to run

The channel 4 Dispatches program, "Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby" was described as "one hour of innuendo about “pro-Israeli” moneybags controlling the Conservative and Labour Parties; “pro-Israeli intimidation of British media; premeditated “pro-Israeli” abuse of antisemitism; and sinister music accompanying photos of “pro-Israelis” blurred across Israeli and British flags". In short, another desperate attempt by the "coalition of the muzzled" to roar about their plight all over the media. You would think that there is a slight contradiction between the term "muzzled" and the continuous and deafening noise the complainers make, but it doesn't seem to bother anyone by now.

There are many people that debunked the pitiful conspiracy theory. There are, of course, many other people who are happily joining the chorus of the "muzzled", decrying the vast and sinister conspiracy. So it's not for me to meddle in this thorny issue, aside of noticing an observation made by one of the debunkers:

It is a sign of how much the old ideas of left and right have changed, and in particular assumptions about the natural home of this sort of discourse, that a BNP official cites a Guardian article approvingly, to prove his view that the Conservatives are “run by the Zionist bankers.”
Besides being an apt remark in general, it is pointing out one of the more notorious BNP (British National Party) neo-Nazis, Lee Barnes. Lee Barnes is described as a "legal advisor" to the BNP gang of worthies. It is Lee Barnes who for years bewails the dangers of the vast Zionist conspiracy and its gentile stooges. In his blog 21st Century British Nationalism (no links here, google, please), he is frequently resorting to statements like:
The fact that the Zionist run political Establishments of the nations of the world, and the political puppets of the media that in reality run our countries...
From where we, the Elders, look at the pathetic rant, it seems funny: of course, we don't run any "Establishments" - we are the "Establishments". But Lee Barnes only recently became aware of the fact, pointing fingers to the Conservative Friends of Israel squeezing him from the right and Labour Friends of Israel bashing him from the left. Little does he know if he considers these fronts being the real danger...

But the real coup de grâce was delivered by no one but Barnes' bosom buddy and leader, the notorious Nick Griffin, it appears. In a sudden turn-about, the vile racist that he is, Mr Griffin declared his support for Israel. Not that we need or, indeed, desire any support from that neo-Nazi gang, but this maneuver left Barnes surrounded with no wagons to circle.

So, the island of Albion eventually became an inhospitable place for the likes of Lee Barnes. And the only option I see for him is to take a U-boat to Argentine. At least on the way there he will be safe...

Oh, and Mr Barnes: don't forget to take with you a few of your buddies from the Guardian. Bon voyage.