01 November 2009

Haveil Havalim #241 - The Blogoversary Edition

The reason why this edition is called The Blogoversary is down there in Personal, anyway it is not that important. What's really important is to remind everyone what HH is about:

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means "Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'
A special remark to this edition: I never censor submissions to HH. It being so, any complaint or even a slightest grumble about other blogger's "unacceptable" political, religious, sexual or any other preferences will be met with a swift, rude and most forceful response possible. So take care.

Now that we are all on the same page we can start: with another picture by Dzeni:

First of all, it's kind of a tradition here with me (see Personal) and, besides, the sheep was irresistible.

Nu, Israel

Yes! The first blogger to notice the rain! A few clues that winter is headed our way.

Rabin - 14 years later. Agree with him or not - but what do we have in the recent crop of politicos? Gurnisht, I am afraid. And these days, peace seems more elusive than ever…

And, of course, this is what being Jewish means: an opposite view of Rabin.

When convenient, close, and cheap are an oxymoron. And, speaking about prices and neighbors: how expensive could Arab olives become?

Chronicles of a Water Crisis: Litzman Sheds Crocodile Tears and MK Tirosh Advocates Civil Disobedience. So good.

No one else mentioned this yet, so Goldstone and investigating the Gaza war.

One of the most beautiful sights in the world... true, and the more the merrier. And another important item: A Quick and Easy Guide to Living in Celsius. Now how about the other way around?

Finally: Bad Things About Israel. We had it coming... but of course, you can't expect a Canuck to write the word "neighbours" in a correct way.

Bridging the chasm between us - it's a tough and a critical issue indeed.

Lebanon: Israeli Agents Launching Rockets At Themselves To Make Us Look Bad. As expected.

Jon Stewart interviews Anna Beltzer and Mustafa Barghouti. J.S. gets to be a pain in the neck lately.

Iranian Negotiations: Ploy of the Week or Deal of the Century? And excellent question. I am afraid that many of us suspect the same answer.

Jerusalem - not on an empty stomach.

She doesn't take no prisoners at all, as they say in Hebrew.

6′-11″ 260-pound of craving for Jack in the Box
? The things people crave for...

Dead Sea skin. Cool.

Can There Be Any Doubt About The YeSh"A Council? You tell me... I have doubts about everything.

You think breast cancer has no boundaries? Think again.

Nostalgia Sunday – Gil Gibli Investigates Past Crimes.

Most people who write about the unending hummus wars forget one simple thing: these wars are superior to the other kind...

The Temple Mount: Herod; Waqf; PA; Etc. I would say Herod's approach to things was the most straightforward. Oh well.

So what is another day in Israel about? Take one: The Day In Israel: Fri Oct 30th, 2009.

Amnesty's Palestinian water shortage hoax - when you don't know what to lie about next, always turn to Israel, it works. More: The Latest Libel Against Israel.

Yes, IDF is the peoples' army. Hope it remains so forever.

Time after time about Israel. Yes, times change.

Yep, and this happens here to: the new locked door policy.

Queers for Palestine: They’re on the wrong side.

Judaism and Jewish Culture

So what is the Secret Code? A question I am disqualified from answering for two reasons.

To anyone who wonders about the Perils of the Jewish Blogosphere, I would like to say: no worries, jump in and start exercising the jaws. And make them feel your bite, there is no other way.

Critique of Pure-Unreason - food for thought, indeed.

A question asked: Ashkenazi or Sephardi? Please respond.

Intent of the seller
. Complicated.

Should they fall? You tell me.

If Never Fail Challah isn't Judaism, what is?

Nu shoin, it's Yiddish now. Mottel makes it tough on us. But then: Rebuilding Babel: A Redux in Blank Verse.

Religion and state in Israel - in two parts. And close to this subject: The Chumra Stops Here - on the famous segregated buses.

Real Jewish activism. "One might assume that Jewish activism must be both Jewish and be activist to warrant this description". Difficult to disagree. And a good example of such.

When a person misses teaching Religious School sometimes. And some thoughts on hair covering, which also don't apply to me, and also for two reasons. Ehehe.

Taking all of the trouble out of writing a dvar torah.

Shiloh - What's In A Name? You have it all figured out for you.

The Illuminated Fortress and Abraham.

Rescinding a Get. No, thanks, I shall waive the whole get issue. Stay put is my motto.

The Jews of China - welcome to the club.

Os Judeus Sefarditas de Inglaterra. Hint - use the "English translation" button.

Ethical Wills and the Second Death.

Now some counterpoints: Evolution - The 'Best' Counter Arguments. On the other hand: Roman Polanski's Story Could Have Been An Old Testament Saga.

MO Rabbis say texting on shabbos is better than talking in shul. Oy vey...

A wonderful way to spend Shabbat.


And unlikely pair of self-hating Jews gets exposed... nu, shoin.

The Shape Of Things To Come? I hope not.

What with expecting a "clean" bomb from the East, now we have to worry about a "dirty" bomb from former Soviet States too?

The stuff of nightmares. Part two.

Beware neighbours who turn into monsters.

The masks are starting to fall. Good.

Is This The Boston Globe or Al-Aqsa TV? Good question.

How can we do without a single mention of that health care reform? Cannot Afford to Be Wrong.

To URJ: Israel is not the USA. Yeah, well, you would think it's obvious. But not, as it appears.

Relationship between Support for Israel and Freedom. Remarkable or remarkable?

Invitation to CiF. My "favorite" too.

Re Wicked Bitches of yesteryear.

Supposedly unrelated: Time of The Rangers. But interesting nevertheless.

Invoked the ire of the Paulistinians… he he he...


Things that frighten him this year.

URJ President Yoffie booed at J Street, I smirk. If it is humanly possible to have a collective smirk, I join this one. Ach, it was a good smirk... And here is another opinion of J Street - roundup of J Street conference posts. And more: For Now, J Street Is Just Not-AIPAC, And It Shows. And how about J Street and designer political opinions? And J Street Round-up, 1.

When too much of Ken Roth is enough: Bernstein answers Ma’ariv’s questions.

I Have Lived A Thousand Years. "Not an easy read, of course, none of them are. I had to put it down several times and go off and do something else to forestall being consumed by anger and tears." About a book by Livia Bitton-Jackson, by the author of Leaving the Alamo.

You better refresh The Day of the Triffids. Cause it's, like, coming.

Unknown Occupations. A must.

Birth of a myth: Rachel's Tomb and the making of an Arab lie.

UN Watch indeed deserves our thanks. More power to them. On same subject: There Must Be As Many UN Special Rapporteurs As Obama Has Czars. So true.

Orwell, antisemitism and Egypt.

Could a person be generous to a fault? Yes, as it appears.

Sex trafficking: the thing no government likes to see.

Sharia Punishment - Behind the Wheel. Car as an instrument of Allah?

Do you still remember the Howard Rotberg affair? Well, I am happy to add that this attempt of oppression of the free speech (there is some of that in Canada, unfortunately) did not do him in. The opposite it true: Howard Rotberg has published two new books: Exploring Vancouverism: The Political Culture of Canada's Lotus Land and Tolerism: The Ideology Revealed.

Ruminations about a birthday gift. Oh boy, the mere thought fills me with dread. And how a pacifist goes on a jihad, with a bit of a genocide on the side.

Ban the books? My opinion on this couldn't be expressed in this post. Self-censorship, you see.

Islamic Jihad celebrating defeats - are you sad?

Haaretz becomes right-wing and more from the Mullah-sphere. Bwahaha.


The mysterious sect that promotes the plague of unintelligible road signs in Israel doesn't limit its terrorist activity to road signs. Double wow!

Grilled Nation to be accepted as a new UN member state? Fine with me, they already have all kinds...

. Don't drink while reading that one.

The sure thing to make a Russian "Oleh" happy is listening to an American Oleh's Hebrew. Heblish, to be precise. But, apparently, the electric appliances are another good indication.

How to grow up to be tall, sinewy, slim and trim, energetic, extremely clever and modest.

No Mushkie, you can't slam people's poetry. Oy vey, is it an illusion or is it an illusion? And the wild sandy yonder - where, in the land of milk and whatnot?

I would bet that this quiz has more than four answers. But I'm not a betting person.

Great Moments in Great Leaderhood: Songun Underwear. Try to keep your underwear dry when reading this.

Flatfoot Freeschtick - wozzat? You have to read to know.

Circumcise Me! Again! Again!

Help fathers find a masculine halloween costume for your effeminate son.

Now, if you have reached this point in the post (did you really?), you are entitled to watch this and have some more free fun:


She got a Normblog profile. Congratulations!

He complains that his best posts are often heartwrenching. But so what: most good things in life are either forbidden or unhealthy or fattening...

Cats (but of course)


Kitty palate cleanser.

The Return of Pinocchio.


Batya, she of many blogs and incomparable energy, retired from her day job. I guess it means that we'll see more blogging and more blogs now. Be sha'ah tova.

It so happened that this HH fell close to Simply Jews fourth blogoversary, which has just (October 29) passed. In that first post So what else is new? I have complained about pigeon shit clogging the rain gutters and about a related issue, namely Mahmoud the Mad. So what else is new indeed?

Some math related to the blogoversary: this Haveil Havalim is the fourth on Simply Jews, so it makes, let me see, an average of one HH per year here. Not bad.

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