19 November 2009

Pelican vs Bugatti

A US driver blamed a low-flying pelican after he drove his £1m Bugatti supercar into a salt marsh.Police in Texas said the motorist was at the wheel of his Bugatti Veyron when a pelican swooped across the road and distracted him.
Well, so what? Pelican is quite a big bird and could be distracting indeed. It could happen to the best of us, and in this case no one but Bugatti was injured. But then there is a small detail not stressed in the article:
He dropped his phone and lost control of the car, which then veered off the road into a salt marsh.
Uhu... he dropped his phone. Probably was telling his buddies how he is coming home with a big £1m surprise for the spouse. The picture is clear, and I have one or two remarks for the gentleman.
  1. Do not drive and talk on your cell phone.
  2. £1m could buy you about 50 regular cars to drive in a marsh and savor the experience.
  3. Pelican is just a bird, for crying out loud.
  4. When behind the wheel, always expect the unexpected.
  5. Do not drive and talk, you moron!
Nah... it wouldn't work, would it?