03 November 2009

Huffing and Puffing over Arnie

First to preempt some overexcited commentators:

  1. Am I a republican? Nah. Am I a democrat? Nah. Just an amused observer.
  2. What do I think about use of four-letter words (English, of course, other languages use words of different lengths)? I strongly support such use where applicable*.
Now we can talk about the main subject: Huffington Post (who else?) got their knickers twisted because of a relatively benign use of a four letter word (starts with "f", ends with "k", its second letter being "u" and the third "c"). Here is a snapshot of that letter:

It's a simple ploy, actually: Arnie or his ghostwriter used acrostic** to convey a "fuck you" message to a Democrat who earlier heckled him ("you lie", "kiss my ass", etc) during the Governator's presentation to a Democratic convention.

So, what do I think about it? Both politicos behaved in a somewhat childish way, but I wonder whether locking the two up together to continue the debate in the same vein couldn't have resolved the whole brouhaha in a satisfactory way. Besides, it was entertaining. So kudos to Arnie.

(*) I have to quote here my beloved Jaroslav Hašek, from his eternal The Good Soldier Švejk:
People who cringe at strong expressions are just cowards who shy real life, such weaklings cause most harm to the culture and public morality. They would turn the people into the sentimental fellows, onanists of pseudo-culture of St. Aloisius type. Eustace the Monk in his book says that when St. Aloisius heard one person breaking wind, he burst into tears and was calmed only by a prayer.
Adding in the same regard:
Several years ago I read a review of a story. The critic was beside himself over the fact that the author wrote: "He blew and wiped his nose." This, according to him, runs counter to the aesthetic and the sublime that literature should bring to the people.

This is only one and not the most vivid example of the kind of morons that are born under the sun.
Yes, and speaking about the morons:

(**) It's curious that an outfit as powerful as HuffPost couldn't get to the term "acrostic". Hmm...