08 November 2009

Courage of the muzzled

It's fashionable in the West to incessantly complain about the powers that be that, according to the complainant, are "muzzling" him or her. Usually the hidden meaning of the complaint is that Oprah is slow to come up with an invitation or NYT (Telegraph, The Onion, you name it) are not forthcoming with an interview and an attached bio.

All crybabies in this category could learn the real meaning of being muzzled from Yoani.

Yoani Sánchez is a Graduate in Philology. Lives in Havana and combines her passion for information science with her work on the Portal Desde Cuba. Yoani also has what it takes to fight the regime and to take her fight to the streets of Havana and to the Internet.

In her post A gangland style kidnapping Yoani tells about her latest experience with the enforcers of the ailing regime. I hope that the "muzzled" could learn something from this.

And I believe and hope that the day for this prophesy to come true is close:

I managed to see, however, the degree of fright of our assailants, the fear of the new, of what they cannot destroy because they don’t understand, the blustering terror of he who knows that his days are numbered.
And the sooner the better.