02 November 2009

The growing literacy of Somalian pirates

As it appears from the article like this one: Pirates Demand $7M, Cast Themselves as Environmental Protectors, pirates of today are totally unlike the dirty, shabby, drunk and generally uncouth barbarians of the past we are so used to see on the screen. No, sir/madam:

Ahmed Gadaf, who says he's a spokesman for the pirates, said the group holding the couple hostage off Somalia's coast was made up of "voluntary guards" — not pirates.

"The Western forces continue to loot our natural resources. They continue to harass local fishermen and destroy their fishing nets, so we want them to taste the consequence," Gadaf said by satellite phone from the coastal town of Haradhere.
Obviously these folks are up to the latest trends in the most progressive Western media. They not only use satellite phones, they also read Johann Hari's inane articles and know which way the wind of Western sympathy blows.

So by now kidnapping a British pair and holding them for ransom is an act of environment protection.