20 November 2009

Too many dupes

When Vladimir Iliych Lenin said "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them", he may have related only to greed that is undeniably a strong motivator of Western behavior. However, it is not the only one, and Lenin's successors successfully exploited other traits of the Western public. Chief of which was the insatiable hunger for peace displayed by a large segment of the Western population. This sentiment was played upon to perfection by the attentive and well-tuned Soviet propaganda and intelligence outfits, it was nurtured, encouraged and in many cases financed by the Soviets to become a real pain in the arse of Western world. I shall never forget my disbelief at the sight of the anti-war crowds in the West spewing hate and scorn at their own military while hailing and lauding Soviet "peace warriors".

There is no big bad Soviet Union today, but useful idiots are not attuned to the socialism alone. Any two-bit tyrant that produces the right kind of noise, be it the ubiquitous Hugo Chavez or one of his buddies like Baby Assad, Kim Jong Il or Mahmoud (the Mad) Ahmadinejad, is automatically absolved of any sin and relegated to the pantheon of sainthood. As long as the noise produced is sufficiently anti-Western, anti-Israeli and anti-imperialist (whatever it means), everything goes.

I have already mentioned the excellent example of David Lindsay, a British stopper and "an economically social democratic, morally and socially conservative British and Commonwealth patriot". In other words, a perfect specimen of a mixed-up puppy (and an anti-Zionist one to boot). Being socially conservative, he didn't feel absolutely secure when copy/pasting a whole Morning Star (he he) article: "The Morning Star is not always right, but it certainly is this time." The Morning Star article is titled Iran's fake nuke threat, while David's post is headlined a bit differently: The Fake Nuclear Threat From Iran (a bit of poetic license here).

The article follows the blueprint of any pro-Iranian and anti-Western piece, starting with: "If you've been taking the US and Britain's recent pronouncements on Iran seriously, you're probably just about ready to stock up on canned food and start digging a fallout shelter in your back garden" and ending with the mandatory: "If so, he [Obama] should drop the threats against Iran and rein in that one country - Israel, the Middle East's real rogue state". The spirit of the rest of that obvious propaganda piece is best conveyed by the following:

It's not enough to say there's no solid evidence of Iran's nuclear ambitions and no proof that the Qom facility is designed for making weapons. Technically true, certainly, but not enough by a long way.
If you can figure this one out, let me know, please. But enough about the communist Morning Star. The post doesn't end at the last sentence quoted above. Mr Lindsay felt it necessary to add a coda of his own (well, I think so, not having any evidence to the contrary):
Israel has the only outstanding threat of nuclear action by any country against any other. But any such attempted strike - against Iran, which has not started a war in modern times - would be shot down by Obama’s boys in Iraq. There is no other reason why they are still there. And America owes Israel one from way back where "friendly fire" is concerned.
The first sentence could have been written in Swahili: the author was obviously agitated by his feelings about the Zionists and thus not quite coherent, but one can get the general drift.

The second and the third sentences give you a completely original and fresh revelation of US motives for staying in Iraq.

And the last one, where America "owes" Israel is linked (in original) to the Liberty ship story, the perennial and beloved tool of all anti-Zionists.

Oh well, I hope you are persuaded by the eloquence and the originality of the author by now. What remains to me is to add an element of surprise from an article published the same day Mr Lindsay's Morning Star article has seen the light.
International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors discovered 30 metric tons of unreported heavy water during an audit last month of Iran's Isfahan uranium conversion facility...

The Qum facility could provide sufficient material per year for one to two nuclear weapons, but not enough for continuous operations of a nuclear power plant, according to Western diplomats and other observers.

"It won't (even) be able to produce a reactor's worth of fuel every 90 years, but it will be able to produce one bomb a year. It does look strange," said Ivan Oelrich, acting president of the Federation of American Scientists.
I guess an intrepid stopper like our David wouldn't be daunted by such a small bump on the road to the world peace. We'll soon hear from him (or from Morning Star, whoever comes first) a perfectly sane explanation of that point. I am sure.

So, I am adding this picture to my small but growing "Smile, ijit" collection. Although, to tell you the truth, that tie causes me... oh well, no need to get personal, is there?

Hat tip: Andrew Ian Dodge.


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