04 November 2009

Where are you, Guinness?

For many years the media informs us about various stupid burglars. Many entertaining cases go by, without (as far as I know) being noticed by Guinness. Well, recently a case of two incredibly stupid wannabe burglars surfaced.

Two burglary suspects who drew 'masks' on their faces with a permanent marker pen have been arrested in the US.
A revealing detail:
Both suspects were charged with attempted second-degree burglary and have been released on bail.
Apparently law enforcement people considered the two being more of a Social Security case than a police matter...

Anyhow, when I read this I became convinced that as far as the future Guinness record for the most stupid burglar is concerned, these two have it made. They not only took the cake but ate it as well.

At least so I thought at the moment. Before someone sent me a link to this:

Yep... this competition is not over until it's over.


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